Seasonal Yin Workshop

Dates: Saturday, June 04, 2022
Location: Bonfire Hot Yoga

Our Summer Yin workshop is a time to slow down, sink in, and reflect on how the summer season affects our health.  We’ll use props, time, and gravity to hold extended Yin postures while exploring the traditional Chinese medicine summer themes of heart, laughter, and spirit.  We’ll look at what imbalances are most prominent during summer and address ways to cultivate balance.  

Students are given time to intentionally reflect and record any insights that arise.  Light refreshments that support summer health are served at the end of the workshop.

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Kundalini Series with Angee

Dates: Saturday, June 18, 2022 - Saturday, July 16, 2022
Location: Bonfire Hot Yoga

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

$45.00 Kundalini Single class
$150.00 Kundalini 4-Part Series

In this series we will explore the fundamentals of Kriya:

Kriya means action: in sanskrit Kri means to do and ya means soul or atman: Kriya can mean “action of the soul”.

In Kundalini yoga the action or Kriya is a sequence using postures, breath or pranayama, Mudra or hand gestures and mantra to bring the practitioner from one state to a new state of being.

The root of Karma is the same as Kriya the difference is that “Karmas are those actions which bind you, Kriya are those which release you”.

Many Kriyas focus on organs like the heart, liver and kidneys. In this series we will be focusing on the heart and the mind to create coherence between them. Coherence allows for a harmonized connection. When the mind rests in the heart we have access to wisdom and intuition. We are more available to the soft voice of our souls.

At the end of all classes there will be a meditation and gong bath. The sound current is understood in Kundalini as the Guru. The gong is the sound of the Universe it is deeply healing on a molecular level and allows for integration of the Kriyas. Releasing stress, tension and anxiety.

“Kriya Yoga is in itself a means. It is designed to illuminate and flood the understanding of the practitioner so that you remove all misconceptions, clean the mind and re-identify yourself with deeper nature”.
Swami Satyanada Saraswati 

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Sound Healing w/ Isabel

Dates: Saturday, June 25, 2022 - Saturday, August 27, 2022
Location: Bonfire Hot Yoga

Gong meditation is excellent therapy for stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue and many of the ailments that plague modern life. Gong carries you into a meditative state and supports integrative healing of the whole self. Gong vibrations revitalize the glandular and nervous systems, clear the mind, and balance our energetic systems, working at the deepest cellular levels.

 In this class, you will experience a healing gong bath, crystal bowls, chimes drum,tibetan bowl and vocals sound ,supported and integrated by guided meditation, gentle warm-ups, pranayama or singing of mantras. 
Sound Healing will be 30-40 minutes and central to the class experience. 
Please feel welcome and encouraged  family, friends and community to join ,not yoga experience need .

If you will and prefer bring  easy to carry, cozy items from home that will support your comfort during the sound healing .

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