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Beaverton, Oregon • Feb 19 - Mar 31 2024

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When is this going to take place?

We do not have an exact timeline, as we have not yet been asked to vacate our current home at 3665 Hall. Per the terms of our lease, we know that we have at least 6 months to vacate, and it's likely that we have more like 12 months to complete this project. So for now, you can continue to enjoy your yoga as usual! But, we aren't waiting around to make our plans! We are actively pursuing new spaces and will start renovations as soon as we are able to.

What happens to my yoga package?

If all goes to plan, the transition will be seamless - you’ll simply start attending class at the new location, where your existing account and class package will be valid. In the event that we have to close our old location before the new one is ready for us, all class package expiration dates will be extended by the duration of the closure - for instance if we're temporarily closed for 30 days, we'll extend your class pack or membership by 30 days. We will update our social media, this FAQ page, and send out newsletters when we have better information about the exact opening dates of the new space, or any resultant closures.

Where is the new location going to be?

We can't share an exact location yet. However, we are committed to staying in central Beaverton. Our hope is that your trip to the studio will only change by a few minutes. We intend to find a space that has parking available, and is easily accessible from major routes.

What will the new facility be like?

This question is exciting for us! Off the bat, we have to state that it all depends on the space we find. However, here are some attributes we’re hoping for:

  • An energy efficient hot room that stays toasty while maintaining good air quality, humidity and flow

  • A 2nd yoga room for our non-heated classes as well as special events, teacher trainings and private sessions

  • Multiple shower stalls - less waiting for that refreshing shower after class!

  • Change rooms, showering and toilet areas that are supportive and inclusive to all genders

Where does my contribution go after I make it?

All of the funds from this campaign will go into a savings account so they can accrue, and exist as an asset on our books which makes it easier for us to leverage other sources of capital. Once we have secured a new space, we'll use these funds to pay for design, labor, materials, and permits to create our new space. No funds from this drive will go towards our typical business expenses; our revenue from yoga classes already has those expenses covered.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

No. Small for-profit business can legally accept donations. We are not a designated non-profit, so we do not have the ability to give you a tax receipt for a donation. We ask you to consider your contribution as a one-time investment in the future.

How can I donate?

There are several options! You can fill out the payment form at the top of this page, click here to pay via paypal, Venmo us @bonfirehotyoga, or make a credit card or cash donation at the desk before or after class.

How else can I help?

Spread the word! Let your friends and family know that a local small business needs their help. Tell them about what Bonfire means to you and encourage them to be part of our future. Share this page to your social media. And of course, keep practicing! Your presence in class helps us remember what we're doing all this for.

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