Yin & Pin Workshop

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Saturday 5/8/2021 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
$60.00 Yin & Pin Workshop

  As we enter the later part of spring and begin to move into summer, let us take the time to bring our attention and intention inward.  Join us for this awesome partnership with Hillsboro Wellness.  Angee will begin by guiding us through a 45 minutes yin practice focused on long holds of just a few postures while focusing on the meridian channels and Chinese Medicine theory.  Afterward, we will enter a 45 minutes shavasana while the clinicians from Hillsboro Wellness, Amber and her husband will provide acupuncture to students.  Students will receive 5 points and will be given a summary of what to expect in their experience at the beginning of class.  During this 45 minutes a guided meditation will also be provided as well as as further description on the Meridian channel theory and how it functions in our bodies.  Please let us know if you would rather not receive acupuncture, or, have areas of sensitivity the clinicians should know about.  Please take the time to fill out the Consent to Treat form provided by Hillsboro Wellness before receiving acupuncture.

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  We believe that health and wellness begins in our local communities. Healing from the inside out spreads compassion through the masses. We believe that people innately have the ability to live up to their greatest potential. If we listen, nourish and align the body it has the potential to heal itself. With our highly skilled, well rounded team we can meet people where they are in their healing journey. Our goal in hiring practitioners is to balance our team with a variety of results driven techniques that will serve all people; from those who need gentle shifts to those who need more aggressive treatments. We encourage our patients to “shop around” and find the practitioner who resonates with you. In the end we may be experts in acupuncture and Chinese medicine but you are the expert in your body!

Angee Franzen

Angee Franzen began teaching power vinyasa in 2012, completing her first 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Core Power in NW Portland. Angee continued to study the philosophy, science of movement and the social implications of living an Intentional life at The Bhakti Movement center. In 2015 Angee discovered Radiant Body Yoga with Kia Miller. Radiant Body Yoga holds the principles of Ashtanga Yoga with the wisdom of Kundalini Yoga. After studying in India in 2016 and 2017 with Kia Miller Angee received her 300hr teaching certification. In 2017 Angee completed a Trauma Informed training with Living Yoga. She volunteers at MacLaren youth correctional facility monthly. In 2019 Angee completed her Kundalini Level 1 teacher training in Bali. Angee loves to teach Yin Yoga, Meditation as well as Restorative Somatic Yoga. Angee has been living sober for 20 years and raising 3 sons with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

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