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$65.00 Yin & Pin

An evening of Yin Yoga & Acupuncture: A Crowdfund Event at Bonfire Hot Yoga, in collaboration with Dr. Amber Reding from Hillsboro Wellness Acupuncture and Massage!

Experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation, embrace the transition into Spring as we awaken from winter dormancy in a beautiful Yin Yoga practice led by Seth Brown, focusing on the Liver and Gallbladder Meridians, both associated with the Wood element of Spring. Wood embodies a powerful force from which life and abundance spring forth, and learning to harness and direct this force is essential in life.

Following our Yin practice, we will incorporate a 30-minute Acupuncture Session (optional) provided by Licensed Acupuncturist, Dr. Amber Reding-Gazzini (DACM) from Hillsboro Wellness. She will focus on points treating the Dai Mai, one of the extraordinary channels in Chinese Medicine which wraps around the middle of the body, holding the core together and wringing out stagnant energies. Squeeze out the last of that which no longer serves you from winter, trim away dead leaves, and create space for new growth. Treating the Dai Mai involves a point in each foot, and a point in each wrist.

All proceeds for this event will go to the Bonfire Crowdfund as we build our new studio together.

*$50.00 Early Bird if purchased by May 4th, 2024. $65.00 General Admission if purchased day-of.
*Please let us know if you would rather not receive acupuncture, or have areas of sensitivity the clinicians should know about.
*An explanation of the acupuncture process & common sensations will be provided prior to starting the class.
*Please take the time to fill out the Consent to Treat form provided by Hillsboro Wellness (on the day-of) before receiving acupuncture.

Bonfire Hot Yoga

Bonfire Hot Yoga is a community-oriented studio rooted in the lineage of Bishnu Charan Ghosh. We offer a range of classes in many styles for those who want to cultivate good health and a positive life-style by practicing yoga.

Amber Reding-Gazzini

Dr. Amber Reding-Gazzini (DACM) is a Licensed Acupuncturist at Hillsboro Wellness Acupuncture & Massage.

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