Vinyasa Workshop with Laura

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$40.00 Vinyasa Workshop

Laura Riverman

This workshop will break down the steps, breath, and specific muscles used when practicing the Vinyasa Flow:

Forward Fold, Halfway Lift, Chaturanga Dandasana, Upward-Facing Dog, Downward-Facing Dog. Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 will also be practiced.

You will learn modifications, and the workshop will start and end with a Vinyasa Flow together.

Come learn the fundamental principles of this dynamic flow!

Laura Riverman

I've been a yoga teacher for 3 years and a practicing yoga student for 12.  Yoga is my medicine for mind/body & overall health.  I love the Hot room and having fun with my students.  I also like to push students just a little bit out of their comfort zones...lovingly of course :)

I think all yoga is good yoga and just showing up to practice is all it takes to get stronger.  Just keep practicing and you will notice the benefits. 

When I'm not in the yoga room, I'm running my independent Interior Design Business:  Sofie D Designs. I named my business after my 2 children, Sofia & Drew.  They're both are in their '20s and living their best lives.  

I also spend a fair amount of time hanging out with my Portuguese Water Dog, Coco.  I'm training her to be a therapy dog so that one day she will be my yoga sidekick.  My hope is that together we will bring joy to those we cross paths with.

Namaste friends-  Hope to see you on the mat!

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