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$50.00 Sound Healing w/ Isabel

Guided meditation Crystal Tones & Gongs sound vibrations land you in your heart essence. You are guided to bring awareness to your heart center and connect to the energies of light and love. This guided meditation will help you visualize light within your heart, then expand it above, below, and all around you. Opening and expanding to new clarity and direction in your life.

My Crystal Bowls set vibrates at 528 and 440 hz, the frequencies of unconditional love, DNA repair, cognitive development, and belonging.

Symphonic Gong Paiste 32” & Grotta Sonora 34’’ vibrates harmonic universal & balances fundamental complex overtones — sounds that call to mind the beauty, nature, and mysteries of the universe.

Benefits Of Sound Bath + Sound Healing:
• Homeostasis (Achieving Balance & Harmony in the Body)
• Regulating Emotional Imbalances & Mood Disorders
• Regulating Metabolism (Bodily Energy Levels)
• Regulating Sleep
• Hormones, Reproduction, & Fertility
• Body’s Ability to Cope with & Repair from Stress or Injury

My name is Isa Falcon. I am the founder of Working with Isa Falcon, The Ultimate Home for Healing, Sound Healing, Therapeutic Movements, & Indigenous Healing. I am a dedicated and driven practitioner of a diverse set of therapeutic approaches to health and healing. I am passionate about caregiving, compassionate communication, and end-of-life doula. As a professional sound therapist, cranial sacral healer, Thai Bodywork practitioner, and yoga instructor, I empower clients to overcome traumas, fears, and self doubts and facilitate self compassion and overall well being. I am actively seeking an opportunity for expansion and growth. For more about me and all my offerings, please visit Working With Isa Falcon ( Let's stay connected: Instagram: @workingwithisafalcon Facebook: Isabel Falcon

• Tickets: $45 Early Bird by 3/29/24; $50 General Admission (day-of)
• No yoga experience required.
• We have mats available to rent on-site if needed ($2). We provide complimentary blankets, cushions, and props.
• Children ages 10 and up are welcome with adult supervision.

Isabel Falcon

Hi my name is Isabel or Isa,

First and foremost I am a human, sister, and woman trying to live my best highest life. I have spent innumerable nights in darkness in shamanic sacred ceremonies, seeking spirit and life meaning. I am constantly working on how to best help myself and inspire others, aligning my thoughts with my actions. My nature is to share, I love to serve, lead, build community, and bring people together.

I share my medicine, gifts, and life lessons through teaching yoga, group sound journeys, workshops, meditation, private healing sessions, somatic therapy, cranial sacral, and Thai yoga massage.

I am a big believer in the power of community. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of the Bonfire Studio, a space where I reach and touch many hearts with hatha and kundalini yoga and I teach it with confidence and testament to its power and ability to help one along the path of life. 

Life is short. The meaning ever evolving. The focus ever shifting. The one thing we can lean into is the consistency of change. I am an evolving human and so are you. It is a privilege and honor to take the journey together. Thank you!

*Learn more about Isabel by visiting her website:

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