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Greetings!  We welcome you to join the Bonfire yoga community in collaboration with Southwest Portland Martial Arts for a fun and informative workshop in Self-defense.  While we never wish to come into harms way, or feel we must protect ourselves from physical harm, the ability to defend oneself or another person from physical can be invaluable if not life saving.

  In this workshop we will go over the basics on how to  create A)  Situational awareness, how to anticipate and or spot danger before it happens.  B)  How to escape from a threatening person.  C)  Defensive techniques for evading and or apprehending a threat. 

Age Requirements

In this Self-Defense seminar, we ask that children who are between the ages of 6-12 have an adult present. This means the adult can either participate in the seminar, (which we recommend as a way of setting the example) or sit and watch. We allow students who are 13 and up to participate without an adult present. Experience has taught us that this policy helps with class management, makes for smoother classes and a more positive experience for all.

Self defense is a physical, mental, and emotional endeavor. In this regard, it will challenge students on all three of these fronts.  With our seminars, we ask that, when signing up to (if comfortable doing so) please share with us any challenges you may have in participating [e.g. medical/physical ailments, language differences, learning disabilities, etc.]. We are also happy to know of any concerns you may have working with others [e.g. adverse to having other people touch them, etc]. We use this information to help us customize the seminar with the goal being to challenge, but not overwhelm students.

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