Seasonal Yin Workshop

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Saturday 6/4/2022 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
$45.00 Seasonal Yin Workshop

Our Summer Yin workshop is a time to slow down, sink in, and reflect on how the summer season affects our health.  We’ll use props, time, and gravity to hold extended Yin postures while exploring the traditional Chinese medicine summer themes of heart, laughter, and spirit.  We’ll look at what imbalances are most prominent during summer and address ways to cultivate balance.  

Students are given time to intentionally reflect and record any insights that arise.  Light refreshments that support summer health are served at the end of the workshop.

JJ Crow

I was first introduced to yoga in the mid 90's when the costume designer at Willamette University saw a need and generously taught an unofficial vinyasa class to stressed out students.  Years later I took up long distance running and needed something to help with muscle cramps.  As I ran past the yoga studio I remembered those beautiful classes and decided to try yoga again.  I was immediately hooked. 

 Eleven years later, a 200 hour YTT in Vinyasa flow at Pure 8, a Ghosh apprenticeship with Seth Brown and a Yin teacher course at Bonfire Hot Yoga all under my belt, yoga has become an integral part of maintaining and increasing my health.  

The more I practice yoga, the more it becomes an essential part of my spiritual practice, too.  The study of yoga helps me dive deep into all aspects of my humanity, which only serves to increase my understanding of the divine. I hope to offer the opportunity for that discovery to others as well. 

 In addition to yoga practitioner, I'm a wife, a homeschool mom, and a pastor at Hillsdale Community Church.

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