Kundalini Yoga Series

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$25.00 Kundalini Series - Single Session

Kundalini Shakti—Return to Wholeness

Led by Yogi and Teacher Isa Falcon

You are invited on an adventure, a five-class series to explore a heroic journey of Kundalini Yoga, experiencing its transformative effects and nectar. Kundalini Yoga only requires your willingness, as well as consistency in your practice to tune and train your instrument (your human body and your mind). All levels of Yoga experience are welcome (beginner-friendly). The theme for this journey is Kundalini Shakti. We invite you to continue reading about the themes of this series, as well as the five classes below:

Shakti signifies power and intuition. It is a profound energy that dwells within us all, yet it is neither forceful nor aggressive. It cannot awaken or be compelled by clever tricks or games of the ego. Shakti is the intelligence of life, the supreme creativity. Shakti does not respond to demands. She represents feminine strength and must be approached with affection and finesse. We can only foster an environment conducive to her thriving and awakening. She brings out the best in us. She is the force that enlivens our minds and nurtures our true joy, inspiration, vitality, purpose, prosperity, creativity, and love.   

Class 1: Prana Shakti to Unlock the Greater Life-Force 

Prana is the life force, the intelligence of nature, the heartbeat of existence. It enters the body and mind through the five senses and the breath. When it becomes uncentered, vitality diminishes, the mind grows anxious, and life can seem meaningless. Kundalini Yoga aims to recenter this life force, enhancing your magnetism, invigorating the body, and bringing joy to the mind.

Class 2: Shakti Mind—Harnessing the Potency of the Mind

The mind has the power to transport you to heaven or hell. When the life-force is unstable, the mind becomes equally unsettled, leading to turbulence and further disruption of the life-force—a vicious cycle. When the life-force is centered, the mind attains a state of bliss. This bliss contributes to heightened happiness and allows the life-force to flow more freely. In its state of joy, the mind transforms into a yogi's most valuable partner—a force of shakti that fosters healing, prosperity, and creative excellence.

Class 3: Shakti of the Central Channel

One of the greatest gifts Yoga and Tantra have gifted upon the world is a profound comprehension of the human energy system. The central channel, known as sushumna, is the focal point for prana and is associated with the Central Nervous System. Kundalini Yoga encourages the life-force to converge within this central channel. By harmonizing the polarities of yin and yang, it enhances one's magnetism, infusing the body with vitality and the mind with joy. As the central channel's power is harnessed, a new radiance emerges, visible in the eyes' sparkle and the warmth of one's aura.

Class 4: Shakti of Prosperity—Designed to Activate the Flow of Prosperity 

Many people often perceive their cup as half empty, feeling that, despite their best efforts, resources are constantly depleting. However, prosperity is an energy that one can learn to harness. Interestingly, once you recognize prosperity in your surroundings, it begins to expand. Kundalini Yoga offers specific practices designed to cultivate the flow of prosperity. Genuine prosperity arises when you channel your creativity into serving others

Class 5: Shakti of Love—Dwells in the Great Heart 

We all know that it is only love which reigns supreme. When love is present, all makes sense. When love disappears, confusion sets in. Love brings clarity to your life-path and soothes your worried nerves. Love restores health to the body and cools all inflammation. Love is wisdom, wisdom is love. Through Kundalini Yoga kriyas, you tap into the field of unadulterated love—that magnificent force which transcends time, space, and ideas.

Are you in? I am thrilled to see you on your mat.

Sat nam.

Isabel Falcon

Hi my name is Isabel or Isa,

First and foremost I am a human, sister, and woman trying to live my best highest life. I have spent innumerable nights in darkness in shamanic sacred ceremonies, seeking spirit and life meaning. I am constantly working on how to best help myself and inspire others, aligning my thoughts with my actions. My nature is to share, I love to serve, lead, build community, and bring people together.

I share my medicine, gifts, and life lessons through teaching yoga, group sound journeys, workshops, meditation, private healing sessions, somatic therapy, cranial sacral, and Thai yoga massage.

I am a big believer in the power of community. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of the Bonfire Studio, a space where I reach and touch many hearts with hatha and kundalini yoga and I teach it with confidence and testament to its power and ability to help one along the path of life. 

Life is short. The meaning ever evolving. The focus ever shifting. The one thing we can lean into is the consistency of change. I am an evolving human and so are you. It is a privilege and honor to take the journey together. Thank you!

*Learn more about Isabel by visiting her website: https://www.falconmedicina.com

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