Tavish Ledesma

Tavish Ledesma is a native Oregonian and lifelong practitioner of yoga since the age of 9. For it was in 1992 that Tavish first witnessed the transformational power of yoga in that of his favorite Street Fighter video game character: Dhalsim. Dhalsim had the superhuman ability to extend his limbs to astounding length, levitate mid-air in full lotus, and even breathe fire. Not knowing that this was the start of his own yoga practice, Tavish found centering and comfort by readily sitting in full lotus from then onward.

Many years later, Tavish re-discovered the healing effects of yoga when he needed it the most. As a software engineer in the fast-paced tech industry, he felt the unrelenting desk work take its toll on his physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. A firm believer in maintaining a growth mindset, Tavish enrolled in his first 26+2 class (2006), at the same studio where Bonfire Hot Yoga now resides. Yoga provided immediate benefit, not just to Tavish’s daily aches and pains, but also in his ability to remain calm and focused under stressful situations. 

Seeking to deepen his knowledge of the practice, Tavish pursued a 3-week yoga meditation retreat in Nepal (2009), and later enrolled in a 200-hour teacher training at Heartsong Yoga in Beaverton (2014). Tavish diversified his yoga experience by practicing regularly at studios in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York City. In 2022, Tavish completed his Yin Yoga certification at Bonfire Hot Yoga under the loving guidance of Seth Brown, Jordan Lydia, and Maui Ramos.

Tavish currently lives with his dog, José, in Beaverton, Oregon. He supplements his yoga practice with independent businesses in life / career coaching, HR technology consulting, and public speaking. While he may not be able to teach you to levitate or breathe fire like Dhalsim, rest assured that you will always leave his class feeling superhuman!