Mikhayla Pitts

I became a yoga teacher because I was inspired by the transformative power of this practice in my own life and I wanted to share this with others. My goal for my classes is to create an inclusive space where all are welcome, where students can feel supported and engaged in their practice, while focusing on promoting physical and mental well-being.

I've been practicing yoga for 9 years, and I've come to understand that it's much more than just the physical practice of asanas. Yoga is a holistic approach to wellness, encompassing not only the physical body but also the mind, emotions, and spirit. It can be seen as a lifestyle, a spiritual practice, and a way to tap into your own inner wisdom.

As a teacher, I believe that everyone should have access to the benefits of yoga, regardless of their experience or background. That's why I strive to create an environment where students can go beyond their perceived limitations and find their own unique path to growth and self-discovery. I have a true passion for teaching yoga and love to see my students grow and transform through their practice.

So, whether you're just starting out or you're looking to deepen your practice, I'd love to help guide you on your journey.