Megan Patten

My first yoga class was a Bikram yoga class on a hot, summer day in Bend, Oregon in 2008. My aunt Carol had just completed her Bikram Teacher Training program and invited me accompany her to class. I remember how that final Savasana felt. I was at home, at peace. I felt a deep connection to myself. I practiced quite sporadically after that, unable to truly dedicate myself to practicing yoga. Although I felt the healing benefits yoga had to offer me (reduction of stress, anxiety and depression and better sleep) I wouldn’t fully commit. In 2014, something shifted, and I was graced with the ability to make yoga a priority. I started to practice at least 5 times a week and began to notice changes in every aspect of my life. Yoga is the “medicine” for my body, mind and spirit. When I take it daily, I feel whole and complete. When I began adding Vinyasa and Yin styles to the mix, my Bikram practice found new depths.

I completed my 200 hour Initial Yoga Teacher Certification program with dina Lang in January, 2016. Practicing Yoga has changed my life in infinite ways. For me, teaching yoga is a sacred opportunity to help others find the healing they need. I look forward to sharing what I have learned with you as you meet yourself on this transformative yoga journey.