Kelly Butterfield

Hello, I’m Kelly! Thanks for reading my bio! 

A little about me:  I began practicing yoga in 2013 when I tried a hot power class for the first time.  I struggled to stay in the hot room and I left class feeling unsure that I was strong enough to be a yogini.  But after a couple weeks of attending classes regularly, I began to notice amazing changes.  One of which was that the debilitating pain in my right hip had become nearly unnoticeable.  After experiencing that as well as several other physical improvements related to my posture, something else began to blossom within me.  I started to feel changed on a deeper level, both mentally and emotionally.  My mood improved, my self-esteem increased, and I felt more mindful and calm.  

After all this time, much has changed, but my love and appreciation for the wisdom and transformative nature of the practice of yoga has only grown stronger.  Yoga has brought my life many treasures, including a growth mindset, a deep sense of groundedness, the ability to connect with others both deeply and authentically, and the cultivation of wonder, joy, passion, and excitement in my own life.  It is my honor and great pleasure to share the benefits I have received from my practice with all of you.

I completed my 200 hour YTT training in Vinyasa flow and then attended a five month Bikram yoga apprenticeship with our very own Seth Brown.  When I am not teaching yoga, I am taking classes. I believe that every teacher has something unique and wonderful to offer.  Someone wise once told me what his teacher told him, which is “ practice for your students and teach for yourself.” 

Yoga has helped me transform my life, learn to sit with what is present, recognize my truth, and live in a way that feels authentic.  With gratitude and love, I offer my practice and experience to you.  In my classes, I hope we can have fun, challenge ourselves to grow, learn to smile when we fall, witness what is present, and dream of what is beautiful and yet to come!

See you on the mat!