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Yin Training

10/4/2021 - 10/11/2021

Early Bird Special Until 9/1/2021 $1,600

To every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.  There can only be heat when there is also cold, and there can only be light when there is also darkness.  Yang is the active and creative aspect of the natural world and our lives, the rush between meetings, the day to day agenda, the growing of plants and animals.  Yin is the aspect of restfulness, hibernation and dormancy where the latent energies of nature take ease and reserve their qualities.

  While the practice of yoga asana tends to focus on the yang nature, an equally if not greater power is sure to be found in the Yin practice, as we pull our focus to the inner world.  Drawing from teachings of yin masters Bernie Clark, Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers, and drawing from experts in our community such as Jordan Lydia Grimmer,  Janci Vandenberg and Maui Ramos, this week-intensive training will prepare you to lead students through a yin class, to settle down and turn in.